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New version

The largest, most accurate North American Database. 



Nationwide Canadian Truck-specific Street-level Data... Expand your operations by adding truck-specific Canadian street-level addresses to your route.
State Weigh Stations... Now available as routable points in the pick list and identified with a special icon on the map. Add these points to your route to plan your stops more effectively.
Mexico State Abbreviations... The cities pick list now incorporates individual state abbreviations for Mexico (e.g. Puerto Vallarta, AJ).
Internet License Activation... Seamlessy activaite or deactivate your user license through an Internet connection.


Route Optimization... Resequence an unlimited number of stops for efficient route planning.
Location Radius... For rate determination and pre-operation planning, the location radius tool lets you search for all cities, towns, ZIP and postal codes, points of interest, or custom points within a specified mileage radius around any location.


U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and General Services Administration (GSA) Compliance.
Import Custom Places... Automatically import pickup/delivery or company specific locations to eliminate manual trip entry, customize your database and seamlessy interface stored locations from order-entry, dispatch or transportation management systems.
Customized Routing... Now you can avoid or favor road segments, entire roads, and entire jurisdictions to customize your routing.
Updated Trip Options... Combine Practical or Shortest routing types with Toll Discouraged, National Network or 53' Trailer routing when generating a route.
53'/102'' Trailer Routing... In addition to our existing routing types (Practical, Shortest, Toll Discouraged, and National Network), we've incorporated legal road designations for 53'/102'' trailers into our continental U.S. road network.
Light and Heavy Vehicle Routing... Manually override truck-restricted roads for flatbed and light delivery vehicles; road network includes nationwide commercial restrictions.
Hub Mode: Calculate routes and mileages from one origin to unlimited destinations.
Detailed Driving Directions and State/Country Mileage summaries... Enhanced Detailed Driving Directions now include road clearance warnings and other restrictions within the turn-by-turn directions.
Internet Functionality... Deliver PC*MILER functionality over the Internet using our web-enabled Connectivity and Interface Modules.
Seamless Interfaces... Integrate PC*MILER with all leading fleet management and mobile communication systems.

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Millogiciel Inc. is  reseller for ALK Associates  (designer of  PC*MILER), the best price is guarantied for update, new version of PC*MILER and all other products provide by ALK Associates.


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