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  1. How to remove extra mileage validated by mistake?

      Create a new trip sheet containig these data:
    start odometer = 0, end odometer = - your extra mileage

  2. Can i do ROAD-TAXES with the Millo-Taxes?

    Answer:  Certainly, you just have to enter the following states in the menu Dispatch/Resources/States-Provinces.

    An example for New-York :

    NY     = New-York loaded mileage
    NW    = New-York loaded mileage (toll road)
    NA     = New-York empty mileage
    NZ     = New-York empty mileage (toll road)

    For the IFTA report, you must add these 4 state to have New-York,   don't forget tu enter the same rates in each one of these 4 states.  For the ROAD-TAX report, print tthe IFTA report just for these states and you will have the mileage for your report.  Repeat this operation for each state requiring ROAD-TAXES.

  3. What to do if the IFTA report does not print the decimals correctly?

    Answer:  If some decimals are missing in the IFTA report, go to the Control Panel, rgional parameters, currency symbol and change the number of decimal to 2. Thereafter, reinstall the Millo-Taxes (N.b. When the installation program ask whether you want to keep the file "millotaxe.mdb" or not answer "Yes", or else all data in the Millo-Taxes will be lost.


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