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Press Release


This software allows to print IFTA reports for the drivers and brockers. You can download it for free as for the user guide.


Unlimited using time
Printing the IFTA and statistics reports for all drivers and units
Accepts metric and imperial system in function of the unit and/or fuel purchase place.


System requirements

Description Minimum
Computer PC 486/66 minimum
OS Windows 9x/ME
RAM 16 Mb
Printer Laser or InkJet

Installation in three easy steps

  1. Download the software Millo-Taxes (Beta version 2001) and the user guide
  2. Double-click on the millotaxes.exe icon and follow the indications on the screen
  3. Contact us at 1-877-GO MILLO to gain the license number for free


For more informations on this product contact us at :
1-877-GO MILLO


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